Tang Enliang, 19, a prize student at Shanghai's top law school, is an only child who realized his parents' fondest dreams. He's a champion swimmer -- tall, broad-shouldered and confident. As a lawyer, he'll be on the leading edge of social change. But his eloquence sounds a little rehearsed.
Terry Han, 23, and his girlfriend Vivian Chen work in Shanghai, saving and studying for American business school. Because she's not a native of Shanghai, Vivian has had to struggle for legal permission to stay.
Terry's parents are schoolteachers whose education was interrupted by the Cultural Revolution. They worry that the children are too starry-eyed.
Zhong Qiu, who is 6, lives in a hillside village in Hunan Province. She walks two hours each way to school.
Zhong Qiu's father works on a construction crew in the booming coastal region. He visits home only once or twice a year.
Zhang Yu, 15, will probably seek work in the city.
The elder Zhangs own two acres near Shanghai. Their children and grandchildren see no future in farming.