Ruby Yang and Lambert Yam

Ruby Yang (Director/Editor)
Born in Hong Kong, Ruby Yang moved to San Francisco in 1977 to study painting and filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute. She then embarked on a career in film, editing features and documentaries.In 1997, she directed her first feature documentary, Citizen Hong Kong, followed, in 2000, by the one-hour long documentary China 21. They were shown on PBS stations as part of Asia Pacific Heritage Month. Citizen Hong Kong was also aired in Hong Kong, Taiwan and numerous European outlets. She was both Editor and Associate Producer of Joan Chen's debut feature film Xiu Xiu, The Sent Down Girl, which premiered at the Berlin Festival in 1998 and went on to win seven Golden Horses. She also served as Series Editor for Bill Moyers' Becoming American - the Chinese Experience which screened on PBS.

In 2003, along with producer Thomas Lennon, Yang founded the Chang Ai Media Project to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in China. Since then, its documentaries and public service announcements have been seen more than 900 million times. They also made a trilogy of short documentary films about modern China: the first film The Blood of Yingzhou District won an Oscar in 2007, the second short Tongzhi in Love was released in June 2008 and the third film The Warriors of Qiugang was nominated for Best Documentary Short in 2011.

Yang recently completed A Moment in Time, a one-hour documentary about the experience of the Chinese in San Francisco's Chinatown, told through the films they loved. It was aired on PBS and screened at numerous film festivals in Asia.

Lambert Yam (Producer)
is a pioneer in distributing and exhibiting feature films from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan in North America. A native of Hong Kong, he co-founded the Phoenix Cinematheque there. He managed the World Theatre in San Francisco's Chinatown for ten years, creating new openings for Asian film and serving Chinatown audiences. For nine years he was on the board of the San Francisco Film Festival. A filmmaker himself, he produced both Citizen Hong Kong and China 21. In 2001 he received a scripting grant from the California Council for the Humanities for A Moment in Time, a documentary on movies and Chinatown. The project received production funding from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the Center for Asian American Media. Yam is currently based in Beijing.

Jon Herbst (Composer)
studied film scoring and jazz performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He plays jazz piano in small and large Bay Area ensembles. He has composed music for 25 TV shows and many award-winning films, including Rick Goldsmith’s Tell the Truth and Run (Golden Spire award), Deadly Deception, Debra Chasnoff’s Academy Award-winning documentary, the POV documentary In the Light of Reverence, directed by Toby McLeod, and Ruby Yang’s Citizen Hong Kong. More on the web.

William Smock (Executive Producer)
was Executive Producer for Citizen Hong Kong and China 21, handling funder relations and publicity. Smock produced and edited the American Masters special Isamu Noguchi: Stones and Paper, originally broadcast in 1997, winner of Best Portrait in the Montreal Festival of Films on Art. More recently, he wrote and edited Jed Riffe's Independent Lens show Who Owns the Past? funded by Native American Public TV.